Koda is one special girl here at Coulee Labradoodles!  Koda is daughter to our Coulee’s Georgia on My Mind and Doodle Around’s Pinyin aka Panda.  Koda is a gentle, quiet soul while being a playful pup at heart.  Koda has a lush jet black fleece coat and carries all colours including the parti gene.  Koda lives with her doggy sisters, Loula and Sadie, along with her human family, the Perry’s.  We can not wait for Koda to join our program in Spring 2019.

OFA/Wallace hips good, elbows, cardiac Paw Print Panel clear by parentage



Coulee’s Pippa is a snuggly ball of red fleece!  A perfect mini, she will carry on some of our best foundation lines through her momma Coulee’s Duchess of Cambridge and poppa Southern's Charm Rango Tango.  Pippa is a wonderful family companion to the Cox Family of Lethbridge.  




Marley is a stunning girl wrapped in a dark red fleece coat.  Marley is large medium weighing in at 48lbs!  We are thrilled to add Marley to our program, she has passed her health testing with flying colors and will carry on momma Mabel's amazing pedigree.  Marley comes from some of our most coveted therapy lines and we  are excited to see what she produces for us in 2018!  Marley lives with her guardian family the Sproule's of Lethbridge, Alberta.




jelly bean


Jelly Bean is one gorgeous, dark caramel girl. Jelly has the most endearing temperament, she's a lover of all creatures, including the kitty kat!  Jelly Bean lives to play with her humans and her doggie sisters, Mellie and Daisy.  Jelly Bean is a solid medium girl (40lbs and 19").  She has an incredible fleece coat and eyes that can peer into your soul.  Jelly Bean lives in Taber, Alberta with her human mom Joan.






Gala is a chip off the old block, daughter to Coulee’s Unchain My Heart aka Macy and Doodle Around’s Pinyin aka Panda, this girl brings fun and love to our breeding program.  Gala adores other dogs and spends lots of time with our Jellybean and Mellie. Gala carries on our therapy line from our foundation dogs and lives for her people and a good snuggle.  Thank you Jaela for giving Gala an amazing environment to thrive in.

Wallace Good Hips, OFA hips pending, Elbows negative, CERF normal, PRA clear through parentage, Paw Print Panel Clear through parentage



Coulee’s candy corn



Molly is a darling mini, caramel fleece sweetheart!  Molly has not met a soul she does not love, she could be the most socially laid  back girl we've ever known.  Molly is a retriever extraordinaire, she will fetch sunrise to sunset and has a smile on her face constantly!  Molly is 15" and 18lbs, a true mini in size. Molly lives with Marcy and family in Calgary, AB who she absolutely adores.

OFA Hips good, elbows normal, CERF clear, PRA, prcd clear, vWD, DM, EIC, clear DNA    



COULEE’s Bailey’s n’ Cream



Bailey is a small standard (50lb and 21") chocolate fleece beauty! Bailey is out of our retired mom, Southern Cross Blaze Starr and Brasken's Double Jack.  Bailey is always looking for someone to snuggle and adores her guardian family, the Guddinger's of Lethbridge!   Bailey will produce some stunning chocolate babies.  Watch for her babies Fall 2018!

OFA hips Good, Elbows Negative, Wallace Good, Cardiac Normal, Pawprint Panel clear through Parentage, IC status pending 



Coulee’s Chasin’ the Dream



Coulee's Chasin' the Dream is living up to her namesake.  She has surpassed everything we could have hoped for in a breeding quality girl!  Bella, as she is called by her human family, is a stunning redheaded beauty out of our very own Coulee's Wonderstruck.  Bailey has stunning conformation and boning, she is a chip off the old block!  We can't wait to see her offspring Fall 2018.

OFA Hips, Elbows negative, Wallace Hip, Pawprint Panel Clear 



Coulee’s Unchain My Heart



Macy, as her family calls her, is a stunning large mini (30lbs and 16") carmel darling out of Coulee's Candy Corn. Macy brings joy to her guardian family everyday and loves her brother from another mother, Coulee's Angus!  We expect Macy to produce some incredible pups while carrying on some of our very old Australian Lines.  We look forward to puppies Fall 2018.

OFA Hip Good, Wallace Good, Elbows negative, PRA clear through parentage, thyroid normal, Pawprint DNA panel clear



Coulee’s Hazelnut Latte


Hazel is a small medium (30lbs and 17") chocolate fleece love out of our Caramel Machiatto and Coulee's Knight Ryder.  This darling carries on her momma's amazing therapy line.  Hazel lives with her doggie sister Nova and guardian family, the McNeill's of Coaldale, Alberta. Hazel loves to zoom around the yard with Nova and snuggling with her human brother and sisters.  

Wallace hips Good, Elbows negative, Pawprint Panel Clear, Thyroid normal, Cardiac normal






Meet the gorgeous daughter of Coulee’s Notorious aka Notta and our Brasken’s Double Jack. Coulee’s. Willow is our stunning chocolate fleece, parti girl who brings the best of our old foundation lines and great new lines for some genetic diversity.  Willow lives in Taber, AB with her fabulous guardian family.  Willow has mastered numerous tricks at the direction of her humans and can’t get enough of a good game of fetch!

Wallace hips Good, Elbows negative, Pawprint Panel Clear, Thyroid normal, Cardiac normal






London is our sweet mini girl out of our retired, Coulee’s Material Girl and Golden Gate’s Lord Byron.  London has a gorgeous deep red velvety soft fleece coat and amazing eye contact.  London lives with her guardian family in Picture Butte where she spends her days exploring the farm with her 4 legged furry friends and her evenings being spoiled by her humans.  We look forward to having London carry on her momma’s lines here at Coulee Labradoodles.

Wallace hips Good, Elbows negative, Pawprint Panel Clear, Thyroid normal, Cardiac normal







Blueberry cottage ellie aka


Mya is a gorgeous chocolate fleece, small medium girl who carries the phantom gene.  Mya brings some fabulous new lines to our program, she’s sure to produce some darling pups!  She is co-owned with our friends at Prairie Doodles and lives with her wonderful guardian family, the Fujita’s of Coaldale.

Wallace hips Good, Elbows negative, Pawprint Panel Clear, Thyroid normal, Cardiac normal




Millie is our darling, mini ball of apricot fluff!  Millie will be carrying on her momma, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, legacy here at Coulee Labradoodles.  We couldn’t be happier with the way this little princess has matured, she has a perfect wavy fleece coat and will produce solids, tuxedo and parti puppies.  Millie lives with her guardian family, the Monaghan’s of Lethbridge.  We look forward to seeing her babies in 2019!

Wallace hips Good, Elbows negative, Pawprint Panel Clear, Thyroid normal, Cardiac normal




Wowza!!  What can we say about this girl!!  Chula is our standard darling who boasts a dark chocolate, velvety, wavy fleece coat.  She stands 22 inches at the shoulder and 55lbs.  Chula is daughter to our very own Coulee’s Jelly Bean and Brasken’s Double Jack.  We are so thrilled with this package of dark chocolate love to carry on our standard size lines.  We hope to have pups in 2019!

Wallace hips Good, Elbows negative, Pawprint Panel Clear, Thyroid normal, Cardiac normal




Miss Miley is a gorgeous wavy fleece lavender dream!  She is a large medium girl standing 20 inches at the shoulder and 40lbs.  Miley’s momma and poppa are the infamous Coulee's Mellie and Brasken’s Double Jack.  She spends her days with her Guardian Momma and BFF.  They enjoy long walks and cuddling up on the couch to catch a good flick.  Miley will be carrying on our beloved therapy lines here at Coulee Labradoodles.  Hopeful for puppies in 2019!

Wallace hips Good, Elbows negative, Pawprint Panel Clear, Thyroid normal, Cardiac normal




Tillie is a very special addition to the Coulee Family.  Tilley is a stunning medium, apricot, parti sensation.  She is out of our girl Notorious Notta and Cream Puff’s Molesley of Prairie Doodles and Earth Angels Labradoodles.  This sweet gal brings awesome new lines  to the Australian Gene Pool and we are so pleased with how she’s maturing.  Tilley lives with her Guardian Family , the Brees’ of Lethbridge.

Wallace hips Good, Elbows negative, Pawprint Panel Clear, Thyroid normal, Cardiac normal




Supermodel Nova is our small standard dream who carries on the best of her daddy, Southern Charm Rango Tango’s, traits.  She is a comical, fun loving girl with a perfectly lush, caramel fleece coat.  Nova spends her days with her bestie Coulee’s Hazelnut Latte.  We look forward to seeing little Nova’s in 2019.  Nova lives with the McNeil Family in Coaldale.

Wallace hips Good, Elbows negative, Pawprint Panel Clear, Thyroid normal, Cardiac normal


Retired Girls