Coulee LabraDoodles is committed to upholdING and improvING the breed through careful selection of breeding stock, extensive health testing and socialization. It is our mission to provide exceptional quality companion pets for families all around the world.


Coulee Labradoodles, a boutique style breeder, owned and operated by Paige, Dan and their children Quinn and Piper.

It was during Paige’s first pregnancy that she developed severe allergies, not only to food and environmental but, most unfortunately, to their beloved Golden Retriever Beau. It was a devastating blow as dogs had always been a cherished part of their homes growing up. 

It was in their search for their next family companion that they stumbled across the Multigenerational Australian Labradoodle.  It seemed too good to be true. A dog bred for its “allergy/asthma friendly” traits, low to non-shedding coat, who possessed an intelligent, kind-hearted and gentle disposition. Not to mention, the most adorable face.

This is where the Coulee Doodle story began. Kay Cee was imported from Tegan Park, located in Seaspray, Australia in 2005. Kay Cee is the heart and soul of Coulee Labradoodles and her legacy lives on through her offspring. Kay Cee is going strong going on 15!