Australian Labradoodles are our specialty, our labradoodle puppies are shipped throughout North America and abraod.  Australian Labradoodle breeder in Alberta, Canada.  We have labradoodle puppies for sale now!  Labradoodles, Labradoodles, puppies for sale, Aussie Doodles, Standard labradoodles, medium labradoodles, mini labradoodles, red labradoodles, black labradoodles, chocolate labradoodles, creme labradoodles, apricot labradoodles.
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Our Multigenerational Australian Labradoodle Girls
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Coulee's Hannah
Our beautiful apricot , medium (18 inches to the shoulder) wavy fleece girl.  Hannah is out of our Tegan Park Kay Cee and Halton Hills Morning Smile Sabastian.  Hannah is a playful, energetic girl who is kept quite busy in her guardian home where she spends time playing with her doggie pals, Jasper and Ebony.  
ALAA-009068  OFA Good, Elbows Normal, Cerf, CBC panel normal, praPRCD clear through parentage PEDIGREE
 Coulee's Stella 
Our sensational chocolate, perfect fleece girl. Stella stands 20 inches to the shoulder and weighs in at 42 lbs.  Her hobbies are playing fetch, running through the sprinklers  and fishing in the dugout.  She pounces like a little kitty-cat when the fish come near her, she has been known to catch a trout or two without any bait!  She is our water dog!  
Tegan Park Kay Cee
KayCee joins us from Seaspray, Victoria, Australia.  TP Kay Cee stands 22 inches to the shoulder, 50 lbs, a perfect standard female, with a creme wool coat.  Kay Cee is the ultimate cuddler and companion, she can sense a mood and knows just when to kiss and cuddle, she actually thinks she is a lap dog!  SHHHHH, don't tell her:)  Along with her adorable, loveable personality, she brings great boning, and a beutiful blocky head.  Kay Cee produces amazing puppies which you can see on our "watch us grow" page.  

Tegan Park Bella E Dolce
DOLCE is wrapped in a gold fleece coat and stands 21 inches to the shoulder weighing in at 48 lbs.  Dolce is as dainty and pretty as the Australian Labradoodle comes.  Dolce believes that she is royalty, and with her bloodlines she may be right.  Dolce comes from sought after Service and Therapy Dog lines, and is surely going to produce outstanding companion dogs and breeding stock with her quality pedigree and magnificent conformation. 
ALAA-009074  BVA 3, OFA Elbows negative, CBC panel normal, CERF Normal, praPRCD Clear 
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Manor Lake's Mazzy Girl is our breeding female out of Manor Lake's Clover and Cloudcathcer's Limited Edition .  Mazzy stands 18 inches to the shoulder and weighs in at 35 lbs. Mazzy is a complete doll, she can hardly wait to get hugs and snuggles from anyone that so much as looks at her.  She is as gentle as they come:)  Mazzy spends much of her time entertaining the puppies, rolling on her back and letting the little ones crawl all over her!  
ALAA-010958  OFA Hips Fair, Elbows Normal, CBC panel normal, CERF Normal, praPRCD clear through parentage  PEDIGREE
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Retired Girls
For information on upcoming Australian Labradoodle summer and fall litters check out the "available puppies" page.  We are now accepting applications.Copyright © 2006 Coulee Labradoodles-All Rights ReservedAll documents, webpages, photographs and images are the property of CouleeLabradoodles, except where noted. Permission is required to copy, download or use any text, photographs or image files.
Prarie's Miss Mellow
Mellow is our gorgeous silky fleece dark chocolate girl out of Coulee's Sadie and Tamaruke William.  Mellow stands 19 inches to the shoulder and 42lbs, a perfect medium girl. Mellow has a great deep chest, amazing stalky build, a perfect saber tail, but most importantly, the sweetest happy-go-lucky temperament!   
ALAA-019820  OFA Hips Good, Elbows Neagative, Cerf Normal, CBC panel normal PRA clear through parentage PEDIGREE
Coulee's Duchess of Cambridge AKA KATE 

Kate is one sweet Princess if I do say so myself!  Kate is wrapped in a magnificent wavy, gold fleece coat.  Her name says it all, a very regal girl with a great build and sensational old bloodlines.  Kate has passed her health testing with flying colors and will join our program, we look forward to her pups in 2014!
ALAA-033388-OFA Good hips, normal elbows, OFA Cardiac Normal, OFA Thyroid Normal, PRAprcd clear through parentage
Coulee's Kali  
Kali boasts a sensational creme, spiral fleece, silky soft, non-shedding allergy friendly coat.  Kali is the consumate snuggler, and loves to give a little lick to all who greet her.  Standing 23 inches at the shoulder and 58 pounds, she is extremely agile and loves to prance with her head held high!  Kali has passed her health testing.  
ALAA-016897  OFA Hips Good, Elbows Normal, Cerf Normal, praPRCD clear through parantage, CBC panel normal PEDIGREE

Manor Lake Charlie's Angel
Charlie is our adorable, sweet little bundle of mini LOVE!  Charlie is a hit with whomever meets her, she is an athletic girl who can hold her own with the Big Dogs.  She is also the biggest flop of a pup you could imagine, she loves a good cuddle and will wiggle her way into your heart in a snap!  Charlie is a  Parti, mini, spiral fleece, she will produce mini and small medium pups for us in chocolate and caramel!  
ALAA-016592   OFA Hips Fair, Elbows Negative, CBC Panel Normal, Cerf Normal, praPRCD clear through parentage PEDIGREE
Lilo is our upcoming solid medium, black fleece female out of Manor Lake Lindy and Tamaruke William.  Lilo is a gentle old soul who loves human attention and running with her buddies on the acreage! Lilo stands 17 inches at the shoulder and a solid 30lbs, we look forward to her addition to our program as she will produce pups in a rainbow of colors as she is recessive for chocolate and creme.  Lilo has tested 
OFA Good, Elbows Normal, PRA Clear through Parentage, CERF normal, CBC panel pending.  ALAA-017038  
Coulee's Gianna
Introducing Coulee's Gianna, our stunning black standard girl out of our very own Stella.  Gia has an amazing silky soft, wavy fleece, shiny black coat.  Gia is extremely agile, she loves to exercise with her guardian parents who are avid road and mountain bikers.  Gia has been clocked at 38km/hr on a mountain biking trail , I have been told she runs like a gazelle.  
ALAA-017167  OFA Hips Good, Elbows Normal, Cerf Normal, PraPRCD pending, CBC Panel Normal  Pedigree
Coulee's MayCee is our stunning red/gold velvety fleece girl from our own Tegan Park KayCee.  MayCee is a large medium girl, 20 inches at the shoulder and 45lbs.  She is a ball of fun loving athleticism!  MayCee excels at agility and has been teaching her lil' sister Coulee's Kali-Lily the ropes at the agility arena.  
ALAA-018179, OFA Good, Elbows negative, CERF Normal, CBC Panel normal, PRAprcd clear through parentage. 
Coulee's Gemma is our small medium, lavender coloured, wool female out of our very own Coulee's Stella.  Gemma has stunning conformation and stunning boning.  Gemma is a chip off the old block, she is a fun loving girl with a big heart.  We look forward to having Gemma carry on Stella's sought after bloodlines. Gemma loves her guardian family the Seifridt's of Lethbridge, AB
ALAA-021725 OFA Excellent, Elbows negative, CERF, PRAprcd clear through parentage
Coulee's May Cee
Coulee's Gemma
Coulee's Roux
Roux is our sweet small standard apricot/red fleece female out of our very our Hannah.  We are incredibly happy to have Roux carrying on our therapy line, we know she will make her momma and grandma very proud!  Roux stands 21 inches at the shoulder and 48lbs.ALAA-022809 
Coulee's Mabel

Coulee's Mabel is daughter to Coulee's Sophia Loren and our Coulee's Oscar.  Mabel is a stunning dark red girl, with a flowing perfect fleece coat.  Mabel loves her guardian family who just added a new addition to their family a darling baby which Mabel adores.  Mabel is a small standard girl 20 inches to the shoulder.
ALAA-021715  OFA Hips and Elbows, CERF normal,CBC panel normal, PRA clear through parentage
Coulee's Tootsie Roll aka Zola
Tootsie is our up and coming dark chocolate fleece female out of our amazing Mazzy and Oscar.  Tootsie is everything we could have hoped for to carry on her momma and poppa's legacy here at Coulee Labradoodles.  Tootsie watches over several little children as she resides at a dayhome, she has many little buddies she covers in kisses every day!
Thank you to the Ostrup family of Coaldale
ALAA-027121  PRA clear through parentageTest results pending
Coulee's Sweet Mrs. Beasly
Mrs. B as we call her here at Coulee Labradoodles is out of our Oscar and Charlie's Angel.   She is a perfect dark chocolate small medium girl, 25lbs and 17 inches tall.  Mrs. is a sweet, gentle natured girl who carries on Charlie's legacy here in our program.  We look forward to puppies in 2013.
ALAA-ALAA-022734 PRA clear throug parentage, OFA hip and elbows GOOD, CBC panel normal, CERF normal
Coulee's Kali-Lily aka Lily

Kali-Lily is a chip off the old block, daughter to Coulee's Kali and Coulee's Bruno, this girl brings fun and love to our breeding program.  Lily loves people just about as much as she loves her doggie sister, Coulee's MayCee.  Lily is learning the agility circut her big sis loves, she is doing great, but she gets side tracked when she sees her people on the sidelines.  Lily lives for a good snuggle.  Thank you Darrel and Renee for giving Lily and MayCee such an amazing environment to thrive in.
ALAA-024313  OFA hips Good, Elbows negative, CERF normal, PRA clear through parentage
Coulee's Bella Rosa aka Suri
Suri is our gorgeous, large medium, wavy fleece, caramel  girl out of our sought after Tegan Park Bella e Dolce and Aussie L's Cleveland Brown.  Suri stands 19 inches to the shoulder and weighs in at 38lbs.  Suri spends her days putting smiles on every face she comes across.  Suri is Brynn's sidekick, they are one another's rocks:)  Thank you Lund Family for providing such a loving home!
ALAA-024336  OFA Hips Good, Elbows Negative, PRA Clear through Parentage, CERF normal
Coulee's Harlequinn aka Harlee
Harlee is a vibrant, joyful soul wrapped in a flowing coat of caramel fleece.  Harlee is a solid medium girl standing 19 inches to the shoulder and 40 lbs.  We are super excited for offspring in the fall of 2014!  Harlee lives with her guardian family the Gathercole's of Lethbridge.
ALAA-030753  OFA Hips Good Elbows Negative, CERF pending, PRA Clear through Parentage, Cardiac Normal, Thyroid Normal
Coulee's Sweet Success aka Sophie

Sophie is a stunning girl wrapped in caramel fleece, small standard in size with personality plus!  We are thrilled to add Sophie to our program, she has passed her health testing with flying colors and will carry on Caramel Machiatto's legacy here at Coulee Labradoodles.  Sophie is from some of our most coveted therapy lines and we  are excited to see what she produces for us in 2015! Sophie lives with her guardian family, the Negrello's of Calgary.

Coulee's Candy Corn aka Molly

Molly is a darling mini, caramel fleece sweetheart!  Molly has not met a soul she does not love, she could be the most socially laid  back girl we've ever known.  Molly is a retriever extraordinaire, she will fetch sunrise to sunset and has a smile on her face constantly!  Molly is 15" and 18lbs, a true mini in size.  
Molly lives with Marcy and family in Calgary, AB who she absolutely adores.
Coulee's Material Girl aka Maggie

Maggie is a small medium, jet black, luscious fleece beauty! Maggie loves her guardian family and her BFF, Coulee's Candy Corn.  While Molly loves to fetch, Maggie chases behind wagging her tail and frolicking about.  Maggie will produce some stunning pups in all colors of the  doodle rainbow as she carries for both chocolate and creme.  Watch for her babies Fall 2015!

Coulee's Wonderstruck aka Winnie

We are so excited to have Winnie join our breeding program, she has turned out to be the most incredible companion, she is intuitive, patient, loving and she adores her human Ella. Winne spends her days with the Davis Family, she loves spending time at the barn and hanging out with Ella, Max and the Ponies.
Coulee's Ray of Sunshine aka Sadie

​Sadie, as her family calls her, is a stunning standard red/gold silk fleece girl.  She brings joy to her family everyday and is passing her obedience classes with flying colors!  We expect Sadie to produce some incredible pups while carrying on some of our very old Australian Lines.  We look forward to puppies late 2015 to early 2016.
Wallace Good, Elbows negative, PRA clear through parentage, thyroid normal, CBC panel normal
Coulee's Mellie aka Nellie Jelly
Melly could be the happiest soul you could ever meet, she spends her days keeping all her little people happy at the Day Home she oversees.  She spends her days loving on the children and playing with her best doggy friend, Zola.  We are so excited to see what this darling girl produces for our breeding program in 2016!
OFA excellent, elbows negative, CBC panel, thyroid, cardiac

Manor Lake Ocean aka Mango

Mango is out of our foundation lines here at Coulee Labradoodles, she will carry on some of our best therapy lines.  Mango has a gorgeous caramel fleece coat with mesmerizing hazel-green eyes.  She lives with her guardian family in Lethbridge where she enjoys her daily walks in the coulee's and her best friends Shaina and Hayze!  We look forward to her addition to our program in 2016!
Wallace Hips good, elbows negative, CBC panel, Thyroid, Cardiac normal