Australian Labradoodles are our specialty, our labradoodle puppies are shipped throughout North America and abraod.  Australian Labradoodle breeder in Alberta, Canada.  We have labradoodle puppies for sale now!  Labradoodles, Labradoodles, puppies for sale, Aussie Doodles, Standard labradoodles, medium labradoodles, mini labradoodles, red labradoodles, black labradoodles, chocolate labradoodles, creme labradoodles, apricot labradoodles.
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Happy Doodling!!! Breeding stock available upon request, contact Paige at 403-393-6136. Coulee Labradoodles reserves the right to retain breeding stock out of any litter.
Coulee's Bailey's N' Cream x Colonial Village Fenway

Bailey and Fenway have honeymooned!  We are expecting a stunning litter of medium sized, black, chocolate, cream and red puppies with the potential of mismarks and parti's!  This is sure to be a fabulous litter.

Reservation List CLOSED
Pups Expected early November
Ready to Go late December to early January
Contact Us or Puppy Application

Coulee's Marley x Doodle Around's Pinyin aka Panda

Marley and Panda are going to have the most stunning puppies!!  We are so excited for this pairing of Doodle perfection.  Expected are  solid medium sized, gorgeous fleece pups in red, gold, apricot and black with the potential of heavy mismarks and parti.

3 Reservations Available
Pups Expected December 18/18
Ready to go mid February
Contact Us or Puppy Application
Late Winter and Early Spring Planned Litters
Coulee Hazelnut Latte x Colonial Village Fenway

Hazel is our medium chocolate lovey from our therapy girl, Suri.  She was smitten with her beau to be Fenway!  These two will produce incredible large mini to small medium size pups (~30lbs) with fleece coats in red/gold/apricot/creme, chocolate and black. 
Accepting 3 Reservations  
Due Late December
Ready Early March 
Contact Us or Puppy Application
Coulee's Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds x Colonial Village Fenway

Lucy and Fenway are spitting images of one another!  We are so excited for this pairing as this will be Lucy's Final litter as she will be retiring.  We are expecting a litter of gold, creme and caramel (all shades of caramel) perfect minis 20-25lbs!
Accepting 3 Reservations
Due Dec 2/18
Ready late January to early February
Contact Us or Puppy Application