Coulee's Bruno-Retired
Bruno is our caramel-creme fleece, rose nose boy.  He is an absolute doll, loves to give lots of love and attention to all.  Bruno lives in Calgary at my brothers' home, where he hangs out with their son Rhys.  He has an amazing temperament, he gives Rhys a lick and a cuddle each morning and stays at his side all day long!     

Our Multigenerational Australian Labradoodle Boys
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Prairie's TOP GUN
AKA: Gunther
What can we say about this little loverboy!!  Gunther is a precious sweetheart from Pairie Doodles, he is out of Morning Smile Ellie Mae, a multigenerational girl, and Wilson's Chico, new North American lineage.  This pairing has produced an outstanding example of Australian Labradoodle!  Gunther has the softest, flowing, red/gold fleece coat, which is non-shedding and easily maintained.  
ALAA-012128 OFA Good, Elbows Negative, PraPRCD clear through parentage, Cerf normal  PEDIGREE
Gunther lives in a guardian home with Salima of Calgary
<img alt="Australian Labradoodles"src="webgraphics/CL puppies.jpg">
<img alt="Australian Labradoodles"src="webgraphics/CL puppies.jpg">
Coulee's Odin
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Our Boys are available at stud for approved females, for inquiries please email
Coulee's Odin is our gorgeous silky fleece,  dark caramel, standard boy out of Tegan Park Bella E Dolce and US Labradoodles Murphy.  Odin has passed his health testing,   Odin is co-owned with our good friends at Chase Creek Labradoodles in B.C.  Odin will be available standing at stud, fresh chilled or frozen AI. Please contact for information.
ALAA-017420  OFA hips GOOD, Elbows negative, PRAprcd Clear, Thyroid.
Coulee's Lil Deuce Coupe aka Cooper
Cooper is our up and coming small standard stud boy. He is a stunning chocolate with silky soft thick fleece.  Cooper always has a comical smile on his face, he is incredibly gentle and loves a good game of fetch! He is extremely loyal and eager to please, we can hardly wait for Cooper to have his first date with one of our up and coming girls!  He has passed his health testing and is now available at stud to approved females.  
 OFA hips Good, Elbows Negative, Wallace Good, Cardiac Normal, Pawprint Panel clear through Parentage, IC status pending 
Coulee's Otto is our stand out Chocolate Phantom fleece coated handsome man!  Medium in size, 20 inches at the shoulder and 40lbs.  Otto has fantastic conformation, a solid topline, boxy head and an incredible chest.  Otto is out of our Coulee's Oscar and Manor Lake Mazzy Girl.Otto is now available at stud as he has passed all health testing.  
ALAA-018175  OFA Hips Good, Elbows Negative, Cerf Normal, praPRCD clear through parentage, Cardiac, CBC panel normal.   
Coulee's Otto AKA Koda-RETIRED
Our Boys are available at stud to approved females, for inquiries please email
Southern Charms Rango Tango
Rango is wrapped in a straight fleece, gorgeous caramel coat with dark caramel roots!  He is getting darker in color as the days pass!  Rango is a very stocky, large medium boy, currently weighing in at 40lbs and 18 inches.  We are thrilled with Rango's solid boning, deep chest, saber tail and amazing boxy head.  Rango has completed his testing and we are thrilled to add him to our breeding program.
ALAA-031381-OFA Hips and Elbows, Cardiac Normal,  CBC Panel Normal, Pra Clear
Retired Boys
 INTRODUCING.....Coulee's Knight Ryder 

It has been a long time coming, but finally we have a stunning jet black boy with the most incredible, velvety soft, wavy fleece coat.  Ryder has the most soulful chocolate brown eyes and gentle nature to match.  Ryder will mature to a solid medium in size, roughly 18 inches at the shoulder and 30-35 pounds.  We are thrilled to announce he has paseed his health testing with flying colors.
ALAA-027107 OFA EXCELLENT, elbows negative, PennHip >90%, CERF normal, PRA clear through parentage
Coulee's Guiness AKA Bentley

. We are so excited about Guiness joining our breeding program.  He could not be more sweet and gentle natured, Guiness wins over everyone he meets with his "rub my belly" attitude!  Guiness boasts a deep chocolate fleece coat, exceptional conformation and he has matured out at 18 inches and 34lbs, a perfect medium sized boy.  We are thrilled to meet his babies in 2014
ALAA-031867 OFA Prelim Good, Elbows Negative, Thyroid Negative, Cardiac Normal, PRAprcd clear by parentage
Introducing...Brasken's Double Jack aka JAX

We are so thrilled to welcome Jax to our breeding program.  Jax has the most incredible dark chocolate, wavy fleece coat with mesmerizing hazel eyes.  He is incredibly gentle and sweet, he will cuddle all day long if you let him.  Jax loves to fetch and play with his toys.  When visiting us here at Coulee Labradoodles, he enjoys socializing the fur babies.  Jax loves his guardian family and doodle brother Guiness.  
OFA Hips good, elbows normal, CERF clear, PRAprcd clear, vWD, DM, EIC clear DNA    ALAA-039849
Colonial Village Fenway
Fenway joins our breeding program all the way from Indianapolis, IN!  Fenway is the perfect addition to our program, he brings new bloodlines to compliment our own, not to mention he has the most incredible endearing personality.  Fen has not met a person large or small that he doesn't want to attack with puppy love! Fen has a big personality with a gigantic heart he is willing to share with all! Fenway is wrapped in a gorgeous apricot flowing fleece coat.  He stands 16 inches at the shoulder and 29lbs.
 OFA Hips Good, OFA Elbows negative , Wallace Good, PawPrint Panel Clear, IC Clear